Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Moani Moani.

I aint blogged cuz i got cut off by BT (cheers for that) and now i gotta go back to Crewe to chill for a couple of days; my head is fried. So much stuff has happened over the last week, some good, some bad. None of it's gonna put me off my missions for this year which are:-
Sign the Realdolls.
Finish 3 solo eps.
Begin work on more Fingathing.
I got contacted by a guy who mentioned my name in talking with a Universal a&r who then proceeded to offer me production work makin' modern library records using 70's original library stuff which is siiick and ace timin' too. I'm a physical wreck at the mo. I've done my back in. In 2 different places, at the same time. Buzzin'. It wrecks. Next post is friday.
Anyway here's a new guy i just found out about. He's Hollywood Holt and he's fresh as fuck! Click on the link to downloads an mp3 of "caked up"

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