Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Moani Moani.

I aint blogged cuz i got cut off by BT (cheers for that) and now i gotta go back to Crewe to chill for a couple of days; my head is fried. So much stuff has happened over the last week, some good, some bad. None of it's gonna put me off my missions for this year which are:-
Sign the Realdolls.
Finish 3 solo eps.
Begin work on more Fingathing.
I got contacted by a guy who mentioned my name in talking with a Universal a&r who then proceeded to offer me production work makin' modern library records using 70's original library stuff which is siiick and ace timin' too. I'm a physical wreck at the mo. I've done my back in. In 2 different places, at the same time. Buzzin'. It wrecks. Next post is friday.
Anyway here's a new guy i just found out about. He's Hollywood Holt and he's fresh as fuck! Click on the link to downloads an mp3 of "caked up"

Sunday, 6 July 2008

"Daniel i'm not eatin' it if it's got garlic in it!"

I mixed down my first solo tune today with Reality Dave from the Dolls. Well, I have done a fair few solo Fingathing tunes but i mean my first one OUTSIDE of Fingathing; as Parkertron. I'm stoked, it's almost there already. A few more panning ideas to nail and some other bits n' bobs but overall it's rad! I made it all in my MPC2000xl. My MPC's weigh a ton.
Goin' back to Crewe tomoz to see my folks n' the rest of my fam. Sundays always the best day to go cuz there's nuthin' much i miss more than gold ol' sunday dinner cooked by me mam heh. Also get to play pure games with my nephew Tom (14). His sister Jess (11) got me into a Japanese game called Cooking with Mama where you get the chance to make allsorts of Japanese culinary delights n' burn em' to cinders, well i do anyway. As you can imagine she rocks on it; and it's great cuz she'll probably want to try the real thing now cuz of that. At that age my dad was like the Peter Kay sketch "Garrrrrlic Bread???"! So i naturally became unbelievably fussy and I still have to live with that now, but i am tryin'.
I'd better start the soundtrack to my life then......I listened to this bout 5 times today. It's a tune called Demon Cleaner by Kyuss. I find personal relevance to the lyrics and the musics awesome. I'm a big fan of Joshua and his old friends. Click on the link below if ya wannit, and enjoy.

Friday, 4 July 2008

1st time gig with a walking stick!

I just got these back today. They're from my gig at the Isle of Wight festival. Had a top one, and could'nt really believe it, cuz 3 days before i fell down my stairs at home holding my Roland Juno 60 which is big n' heavy. Fortunately i went down lob sided so the Juno was ok; but my ankle was'nt. I nailed it and thought i'd maybe broken it for a minute. Rod Hotly was in front of me and turned round, called an ambulance and watched me go into mild shock. White as a sheet, sweating buckets and my ears started ringing, fuzzy vision; but he got me some water and i was still there. The ambulance came and they brought happy gas! YEEEAAAH! Get yer lips round that mate n' have as much as you want!" the guy said. It was ace and had the reverse effect of helium on my voice, makin' it go super low. Within bout 2 minutes i could'nt feel a thing a looked forward to the ride. The guy in the back with me turned out to be a drummer and it was well cool explaining what i did and he was tellin' me bout this thing called rock school that he goes to. He felt he just was'nt good enough to do it in a band. I think that's one of the things that unfortunately stops people from goin' after what they want...confidence. I said that i believed it was all in the mind and was'nt worth pondering over, that he should just go for it, then took another big ass blast on the happy gas. I passed it towards him and we laughed.
Turned out that i'd torn one of three ligaments that go over the foot and up the leg. I thought i was fucked. No way could i do the gig on Saturday. I rang my brother and told him i'd nailed myself and that i would'nt make it for the gig! He offered to take me all the way there in his car and help me on the ferry, to get to the fezzy!!! What a star! His insentive was Iggy and the Stooges AND the Sex Pistols on the same bill, same day haha. I called the fezzy dude and explained things. He sorted out another bed for my bro and he got a pass so was over the moon. We had an ace time; I had to use a walking stick which was funky as hell. Even more so when i arrived on the Isle Of Wight cuz nearly everybody had one and i fitted right in heh (there's alot of O.A.P's who like it there, it's well nice)

I had some super hardcore painkillers and the Strongbow tent was my destination. Strongbow on tap, not my regular drink of choice but, bothered! ;) Weather was ace, gig went well, got leathered, watched Iggy cold rip shit up like the living legend that he is, big up Mike Watt on bass-the new stooge. Sex Pistols were ace, did'nt feel a thing hardly all night. Until bout 5am when i woke feelin' well ruff. Should'nt have had that sketchy hotdog last thing and had to get up to puke, fuck it. What a weekend :)

My foot was pretty fucked the day after. Me n' our kid had tickets to see the Blue Oyster Cult in Manc that night. If ya aint heard much by them they've done some good stuff in their time and they're still buzzin' off it. The academy 2 was full. My fav moment was "Godzilla". Man, what a tune. Got a lift back to Crewe n' stayed at home with my parents for a few days to recover.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Bout to start work

It's strange how sometimes I get overwhelmingly creative at night. In fact it's most of the time; losing sleep is the worst just cuz it can really take it out of ya the next day. A few weeks ago i decided to set my alarm clock every day to give myself a bit more structure. I've knocked pre-breakfast spliffs on the head and things are lookin' up :) About a month ago I felt that everything was gettin' on top of me and i could'nt manage. Daft bastard.
I've got 4 really important projects on the go and timing is important to them all. Shortly i'll be layin' down some scratch parts for a Fingathing tune heh, not done that in a long time. I've hardly touched my turntables unless i have to prepare for a DJ gig. Only cuz i've been so wrapped up in Realdolls and doin' that led me to playin' keys in the band haha!! Watchin' loads of Ramones footage was really inspiring as they are punk and dont really know any traditional guitar techniques, they just hold it and make the noises they like, with attitude, and dont give a fuck. That became my approach to learnin' keys; i've got a Roland Juno 60.
This is my first post and was only meant to be quick, otherwise i wont get anything done. I'm gonna get on with this scratch stuff and explain why i've not been touch my turntables much AND what/who has got me back into them again another time.