Sunday, 19 October 2008

Sleep Dep! In the City!

I did'nt sleep at all last nite, not even for 1 minute. That sucks; my brain would not switch off, and it became toturous. We did the first Realdolls in-store last week in Picadilly records with Magic Arm and Colourama. It was great and we got top review and great reception aiiiight! Gonna be hearin' in the next 2 days when we are goin' to put down the whole LP. Pretty exciting.
Nearly passed out whilst riding to Real Daves today cuz of the daft sleep dep. I well thought i was gonna faint on his doorstep. I've been havin' so many wierd vivid dreams lately and i thought one of them had come true in real life; or at least part of one. It was enough to scare the shit out of me to the point where i've decided to knock all my smokin' n' poppin' on the head. Strictly Cigarettes and Alcohol for me now until i've done my work to the standard i expect it to be. It's gonna be hard.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Unlimited Stance

I'm just sortin' out tunes for a new promo mix to get bookings with; I'll post a link up on here to it when it's done. Should'nt be more than a couple of days, DJ Peter Parker is back yo; and it feels pretty good :) Been tryin' to find the time to put practise in and enjoy it all over again.

I'm back

Shit. Clockin' that date on my last blog is makin' me feel stoopid. Yeah man i'm bloggin' crayzee! I've thought about writin' sumthin' pure times and it's never felt like the right time. Things are changing really fast. The Realdolls split from Sparkle.St management which was their decision as they'd admitted to doin' nothing for bout 4 months and thought they would'nt make any money out of us. The day after me n' Dave hooked up with Jayne Compton at Switchflicker Recordings; within' weeks we were putting Cant Do Right down in a studio in Stockport. The split was the best thing that could've happened to us.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

"maybe i'll do it for charity!"

Peace to Read Alert and Kid Capri! Oooh la la anyway. I got sooo soaked tonight. My BMX got a flatty the other day and that's about my 20th, markin' the end of my v. bald specialized tyres. Bought some new uns' off Boogaloo Sperm. Primo v-monsters for a tenner. Kid Jenson fitted em' today- they look dope. I had to get it fixed today cuz i'm broke and needed to bike into town to DJ with a load of other heads at a graf jam. It was at Upper Space gallery in Manc where Chris Drury did his recent exhibition. I got pissed and biked home in the heaviest downpour yet this year. Fuck it, the tyres rock. I did'nt even plug my lappy/serato in; just used the 3 records i took and all of Danny Drive-thru records and he's got top taste so it was good. He was playin' as assmatics with DJ MAthematics who also has top taste. Spoke to the organisers bout doin' a Realdolls love-in there. It's gonna happen at the end of October. I'm goin' back to Crewe tomoz to see my mum and fam.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Like Ice Cube says "It was a good day"

Not that i'm doin' the Gangster Boogie in Cali or anythin' but had a good tune session today with Sneak and got some more parts in the MPC; gonna make some more arrangements up tomoz. It's so hard to keep runnin' with the amount of bills i gotta pay; it does'nt half drag me down. Same for everyone tho eh!?
I've seen about 5 different trailers now for Hellboy 2 and that shit looks mega-ill! The first one was class and i gotta see this one at the cinema, it's only right. Some of the monsters he fights look huge and in a review some guy likened it to the thrill of watchin' Star Wars for the first time.
I'll buy that for a dollar!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

My 10 pence worth

I have'nt been postin' cuz i always stop myself knowing that i should be postin' up a tune or piccy or somethin' interestin'. I'm just gonna talk shit, at least that way i'll be able to put somthin' up every day ish. My mate Reko gave me a new film to check called machine girl. It's a Japanese flik and is sposed to be soooo gory, only made last year. I started workin' on a tune with Sneak and it's pretty excitin'. Gotta continue with that tomoz aswell as a couple of downtempo Realdolls tunes; hopefully a Yoshi solo tune will come out of that. It'll be ace if she's up for rappin' in Japanese haha!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Moani Moani.

I aint blogged cuz i got cut off by BT (cheers for that) and now i gotta go back to Crewe to chill for a couple of days; my head is fried. So much stuff has happened over the last week, some good, some bad. None of it's gonna put me off my missions for this year which are:-
Sign the Realdolls.
Finish 3 solo eps.
Begin work on more Fingathing.
I got contacted by a guy who mentioned my name in talking with a Universal a&r who then proceeded to offer me production work makin' modern library records using 70's original library stuff which is siiick and ace timin' too. I'm a physical wreck at the mo. I've done my back in. In 2 different places, at the same time. Buzzin'. It wrecks. Next post is friday.
Anyway here's a new guy i just found out about. He's Hollywood Holt and he's fresh as fuck! Click on the link to downloads an mp3 of "caked up"