Friday, 15 August 2008

Like Ice Cube says "It was a good day"

Not that i'm doin' the Gangster Boogie in Cali or anythin' but had a good tune session today with Sneak and got some more parts in the MPC; gonna make some more arrangements up tomoz. It's so hard to keep runnin' with the amount of bills i gotta pay; it does'nt half drag me down. Same for everyone tho eh!?
I've seen about 5 different trailers now for Hellboy 2 and that shit looks mega-ill! The first one was class and i gotta see this one at the cinema, it's only right. Some of the monsters he fights look huge and in a review some guy likened it to the thrill of watchin' Star Wars for the first time.
I'll buy that for a dollar!

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