Sunday, 17 August 2008

"maybe i'll do it for charity!"

Peace to Read Alert and Kid Capri! Oooh la la anyway. I got sooo soaked tonight. My BMX got a flatty the other day and that's about my 20th, markin' the end of my v. bald specialized tyres. Bought some new uns' off Boogaloo Sperm. Primo v-monsters for a tenner. Kid Jenson fitted em' today- they look dope. I had to get it fixed today cuz i'm broke and needed to bike into town to DJ with a load of other heads at a graf jam. It was at Upper Space gallery in Manc where Chris Drury did his recent exhibition. I got pissed and biked home in the heaviest downpour yet this year. Fuck it, the tyres rock. I did'nt even plug my lappy/serato in; just used the 3 records i took and all of Danny Drive-thru records and he's got top taste so it was good. He was playin' as assmatics with DJ MAthematics who also has top taste. Spoke to the organisers bout doin' a Realdolls love-in there. It's gonna happen at the end of October. I'm goin' back to Crewe tomoz to see my mum and fam.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Like Ice Cube says "It was a good day"

Not that i'm doin' the Gangster Boogie in Cali or anythin' but had a good tune session today with Sneak and got some more parts in the MPC; gonna make some more arrangements up tomoz. It's so hard to keep runnin' with the amount of bills i gotta pay; it does'nt half drag me down. Same for everyone tho eh!?
I've seen about 5 different trailers now for Hellboy 2 and that shit looks mega-ill! The first one was class and i gotta see this one at the cinema, it's only right. Some of the monsters he fights look huge and in a review some guy likened it to the thrill of watchin' Star Wars for the first time.
I'll buy that for a dollar!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

My 10 pence worth

I have'nt been postin' cuz i always stop myself knowing that i should be postin' up a tune or piccy or somethin' interestin'. I'm just gonna talk shit, at least that way i'll be able to put somthin' up every day ish. My mate Reko gave me a new film to check called machine girl. It's a Japanese flik and is sposed to be soooo gory, only made last year. I started workin' on a tune with Sneak and it's pretty excitin'. Gotta continue with that tomoz aswell as a couple of downtempo Realdolls tunes; hopefully a Yoshi solo tune will come out of that. It'll be ace if she's up for rappin' in Japanese haha!