Thursday, 3 July 2008

Bout to start work

It's strange how sometimes I get overwhelmingly creative at night. In fact it's most of the time; losing sleep is the worst just cuz it can really take it out of ya the next day. A few weeks ago i decided to set my alarm clock every day to give myself a bit more structure. I've knocked pre-breakfast spliffs on the head and things are lookin' up :) About a month ago I felt that everything was gettin' on top of me and i could'nt manage. Daft bastard.
I've got 4 really important projects on the go and timing is important to them all. Shortly i'll be layin' down some scratch parts for a Fingathing tune heh, not done that in a long time. I've hardly touched my turntables unless i have to prepare for a DJ gig. Only cuz i've been so wrapped up in Realdolls and doin' that led me to playin' keys in the band haha!! Watchin' loads of Ramones footage was really inspiring as they are punk and dont really know any traditional guitar techniques, they just hold it and make the noises they like, with attitude, and dont give a fuck. That became my approach to learnin' keys; i've got a Roland Juno 60.
This is my first post and was only meant to be quick, otherwise i wont get anything done. I'm gonna get on with this scratch stuff and explain why i've not been touch my turntables much AND what/who has got me back into them again another time.

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