Sunday, 6 July 2008

"Daniel i'm not eatin' it if it's got garlic in it!"

I mixed down my first solo tune today with Reality Dave from the Dolls. Well, I have done a fair few solo Fingathing tunes but i mean my first one OUTSIDE of Fingathing; as Parkertron. I'm stoked, it's almost there already. A few more panning ideas to nail and some other bits n' bobs but overall it's rad! I made it all in my MPC2000xl. My MPC's weigh a ton.
Goin' back to Crewe tomoz to see my folks n' the rest of my fam. Sundays always the best day to go cuz there's nuthin' much i miss more than gold ol' sunday dinner cooked by me mam heh. Also get to play pure games with my nephew Tom (14). His sister Jess (11) got me into a Japanese game called Cooking with Mama where you get the chance to make allsorts of Japanese culinary delights n' burn em' to cinders, well i do anyway. As you can imagine she rocks on it; and it's great cuz she'll probably want to try the real thing now cuz of that. At that age my dad was like the Peter Kay sketch "Garrrrrlic Bread???"! So i naturally became unbelievably fussy and I still have to live with that now, but i am tryin'.
I'd better start the soundtrack to my life then......I listened to this bout 5 times today. It's a tune called Demon Cleaner by Kyuss. I find personal relevance to the lyrics and the musics awesome. I'm a big fan of Joshua and his old friends. Click on the link below if ya wannit, and enjoy.

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