Sunday, 17 August 2008

"maybe i'll do it for charity!"

Peace to Read Alert and Kid Capri! Oooh la la anyway. I got sooo soaked tonight. My BMX got a flatty the other day and that's about my 20th, markin' the end of my v. bald specialized tyres. Bought some new uns' off Boogaloo Sperm. Primo v-monsters for a tenner. Kid Jenson fitted em' today- they look dope. I had to get it fixed today cuz i'm broke and needed to bike into town to DJ with a load of other heads at a graf jam. It was at Upper Space gallery in Manc where Chris Drury did his recent exhibition. I got pissed and biked home in the heaviest downpour yet this year. Fuck it, the tyres rock. I did'nt even plug my lappy/serato in; just used the 3 records i took and all of Danny Drive-thru records and he's got top taste so it was good. He was playin' as assmatics with DJ MAthematics who also has top taste. Spoke to the organisers bout doin' a Realdolls love-in there. It's gonna happen at the end of October. I'm goin' back to Crewe tomoz to see my mum and fam.

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carl said...

hello mate hows it goin on the solo tip, it carl!! me and ged allways used to shout superhero at your gigs, hope its goin well and you guys need to do another gig in manchester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!